Lost In Sight

Heads up! Linear’s new EP, ‘Lost In Sight’ is now available to pre-order! If you pre-order on our Bandcamp right now, you can get “Calling” immediately as of right now! Alternatively, you can grab and stream Calling from all your favourite digital music providers!


As mentioned yesterday, a brilliant Linear EP is on your way at the end of this month! The first single, ‘Calling’ will be available to grab along with pre-orders for the whole EP from TOMORROW! Want to hear a quick peek of ‘Calling’? No worries, Degs has you covered from the 2nd episode of his …

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Lost In Sight

We are proud to announce our next release, it’s the return of Linear! This is the “Lost In Sight” EP and it follows on perfectly from where Linear left off last year on the “Peripheral Vision” EP. Audio to come soon!

Bandcamp Day

Hi guys, Today is Bandcamp Day – Just like previous days over the last few months, this is a day in which Bandcamp will take no cut of any sales made today, meaning you can directly support your favourite artists and labels. The ongoing situation has made us think on how going forward in the …

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Music Black Out

Ordinarily, we would shout out about our new release or forthcoming release but it currently doesn’t feel right.We’ll be closed for a few days, see you guys soon.