Bandcamp Day

Hi guys,

Today is Bandcamp Day – Just like previous days over the last few months, this is a day in which Bandcamp will take no cut of any sales made today, meaning you can directly support your favourite artists and labels.

The ongoing situation has made us think on how going forward in the future, we at Detached Audio can make the world a better place for everyone. While music is a form of light for everyone, we understand that we can do more.

As a result, we’d like to donate all sales we make today towards the Windrush Foundation (we’ll put a link in the comments). From now on, we will treat any Bandcamp day as a day where we can give back to the world and support those in need. As a label based in the UK making music derived from black culture, we felt that profits sent along to the foundation would be really beneficial.

We’ve also given our artists the opportunity to do charity releases on the label for any charity dear to their heart. As we move towards the future, we feel that that is one of many ways we can do our part in giving to a world and a community that has given us and our artists so much.

Cheers for reading, and stay safe, from all of us at Detached Audio.