• K2T Liquiddnbftw Guest Mix
    Surprise! It’s been a while but here is a new mix by me, hosted by the good souls over at Liquiddnbftw! Featuring plenty of music from the Detached Audio archives as well as a first play (I think!) of a mystery remix of “The Tranquillity of Being With The Self” by me. A few more …

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  • D Flect
    We are proud to announce our next release by none other than Tesseract Recordings’ head honcho, D Flect! He’s appeared on the label before with his freebie, Any Place on Earth, which charted at #6 in the Hypeddit top 100 Drum & Bass tracks, as well as featuring on K2T’s incredible album from earlier this …

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  • The wonderful D
    Out now! The wonderful D Flect EP, Empty Places is out now on all platforms! Massive love going out to everyone for all the support we’ve seen for this release, it’s been amazing! Shouts going out to Riccardos RAW Photography for the artwork, shouts to K2T for the remix on this EP, and big love …

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  • On The Wax
    The next part of D Flect’s magnificent “Empty Places” EP, ‘Memory’ is up now courtesy of our friends at On The Wax! If you pre-order the EP now via Bandcamp, you can grab Memory and Petrichor immediately. You can also grab Memory immediately from all digital audio services!
  • Petrichor
    The first piece of audio from D Flect’s amazing “Empty Places” EP is up now courtesy of our good friends at Data Transmission! ‘Petrichor’ leads this release, a beautiful liquid roller as D Flect does best! You’ll be able to grab this track immediately this Friday!
  • Anders Fallesen
    We are proud to announce that Mindloader’s incredible single featuring Anders Fallesen is out now! We thank you all for the support, it has been mindblowing! Don’t forget, we will be live today with Mrburntyoghurt, Nmakz and Mindloader to celebrate this release. Set times are below (as per UK time), lock in!
  • Mindloader
    As tomorrow marks the release of Mindloader’s incredible single, we’re throwing a release party online! Join us through our Twitch and our Facebook for live sets by Mrburntyoghurt, Nmakz and Mindloader himself as we celebrate! Set times are listed, subscribe to us on Twitch if you haven’t done so already!
  • Mindloader and Anders Fallesen
    In case you missed it yesterday… Hollow by Mindloader and Anders Fallesen got premiered by On The Wax yesterday. Check the track out in the comments, it’s a big one!
  • Mindloader
    The first piece of audio from Mindloader’s new single will be premiered tomorrow, stay tuned…
  • Drumculture Music
    Need a good mix for your Sunday? Our good friend Marcus Tee from Drumculture Music has you covered with this one! You may hear one of the tracks from Mindloader’s new release with us…
  • DNB Dojo
    “For me the tracks have a kind of melancholic summery vibe to them, like they’re yearning for something. That’s where the title comes from, the idea that we’d lost so much, but it was still right there on the other side of the glass, still in sight.” That is what Linear has to say in …

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  • Mindloader
    !! COMING SOON !! Our next release is a two track single by the one and only Mindloader! You may have heard both tracks floating about in mixes over the last month but stayed tuned for more…
  • Next Release
    Our next release is making the rounds. Get a load of this for your mind, more info soon…
  • Lost In Sight
    I think it’s safe to say the response to Linear’s Lost in Sight EP has been nothing short of excellent. Here’s a handful of responses from our promo list! Grab the EP and see why all these names below are supporting!
  • Lost In Sight
    Massive shoutout to the team at Hospital Records for adding “Lost in Sight” by our Linear to their ‘Freshest DnB Selections’ playlist on Spotify! Lost in Sight is out now!!
  • Lost In Sight
    !! OUT NOW !! We are hugely proud to unveil Linear’s EP, ‘Lost in Sight’ is out now!4 tracks consisting of supreme funky liquid, the support for this release has been overwhelming. Do yourself a favour and get this release at all of your favourite digital music providers!
  • Twitch
    Hey all! We’ve gone and created a channel on Twitch now! We’re trying our best to grow our community and bring you some vibes from our Detached family. Stay tuned tomorrow as Linear celebrates his new EP with us!
  • Lost In Sight
    Linear’s wonderful track ‘Lost In Sight’ just dropped on Friday, who’s digging the tune?
  • Linear’s Second Single
    Today marks the release of the second single of Linear’s amazing ‘Lost in Sight’ EP! You can now hear the title track at all of your favourite digital music platforms. Once again, if you pre-order the whole EP on Bandcamp, you can get this track and ‘Calling’ immediately!
  • Linear EP
    Who’s ready to hear more from Linear’s excellent forthcoming EP? TOMORROW! Watch out for the title track!
  • Lost In Sight
    Heads up! Linear’s new EP, ‘Lost In Sight’ is now available to pre-order! If you pre-order on our Bandcamp right now, you can get “Calling” immediately as of right now! Alternatively, you can grab and stream Calling from all your favourite digital music providers!
  • Coming
    As mentioned yesterday, a brilliant Linear EP is on your way at the end of this month! The first single, ‘Calling’ will be available to grab along with pre-orders for the whole EP from TOMORROW! Want to hear a quick peek of ‘Calling’? No worries, Degs has you covered from the 2nd episode of his …

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  • Lost In Sight
    We are proud to announce our next release, it’s the return of Linear! This is the “Lost In Sight” EP and it follows on perfectly from where Linear left off last year on the “Peripheral Vision” EP. Audio to come soon!
  • Bandcamp Day
    Hi guys, Today is Bandcamp Day – Just like previous days over the last few months, this is a day in which Bandcamp will take no cut of any sales made today, meaning you can directly support your favourite artists and labels. The ongoing situation has made us think on how going forward in the …

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  • Music Black Out
    Ordinarily, we would shout out about our new release or forthcoming release but it currently doesn’t feel right.We’ll be closed for a few days, see you guys soon.